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You wanna know stuff aboot meh, eh? Well here is a lot of randomness aboot yours truly, SPOOFTY!

Gender: Female

Age: 13 ~trololol

Birthday: May 2nd

...I'm short...

Okay, thanks so much for 100 fans! I never thought I'd get this much! <3 (now i just gotta get moar fanzzz :3)

Okay, so I'm always looking for good friends on here, so if you ever need someone to check out your flips or give you a shoutout, I'm your girl ;3

I'm always open for requests or collabs, just comment on one of my flips!

I'm always looking for new music to use to animate with, so just tell me any songs you want to see me use!

Ummmmm, I guess thats it... CHECK YA LATER!!!