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You'll find me to be a shy one, but I'm extremely hyper when I get to know people. dB

Well, welcome to my profile! I'll try to explain as much as I can about myself...XD

First off, I LOVE making friends. They're people you can talk to; tell your inner feelings to. You can always joke around and have fun as well, and trust me, I'm a silly one. XD They're people you can trust and hang out with all the time. Friends are great. . w .

So, to explain myself (In no specific order):

Hello, hola, bonjour, ni-hao, kon'nichiwa, salve, aloha, annyhonghasseo, hej, privyeht, hallo, ellohay. (I didn't use a translator. Ikr? XD)

  • I am Swedish, Italian, Welsh, Canadian, and most of all American. Funny thing is, I can't speak my heritage languages fluently.
  • I can so far only speak basic French and Japanese as foreign languages.
  • I'm ambidextrous. I draw with my right hand, however. Yes, I can write with both hands. XD
  • I'm rather...strange. dB
  • Sometimes, my opinions disagree with each other. Ex: I think this person likes me, but you know what? I think they hate me. dB

Another ex: Hot weather is AWESOME! Cold weather sucks, but hey, hot weather sucks too. Cold weather is the best. dB

Another ex: They don't deserve to be friends with each other. They need to stay as friends. dB


Favorite number: 86 (Inside joke)

Favorite colors: Blue, Light blue

Favorite TV show: Pokemon

Favorite saying(Whenever I get a new favorite saying, I'll try to remember to change this.): "Last night, I matched each star with a good reason for loving you. I was doing great... Until I ran out of stars."




Favorite Names:

Boys- Josh, Riley

Girls- Bailey, Sarah, Zeleste, Rayne, Isabell, Skye, Luna, Lily

(Yeah, I have a lot. And yes, I actually DO love the name Sarah. XD [inside joke])

Favorite subject: All except History. It's okay, but I like the other ones more.

Friends list:

  • LilJaney

(Best bestie best friend forever of all time~ dB)

  • ShinyPichu

(Ditto~ XD)

  • Diz 'n' Dat
  • PokeFreak!
  • MikiAzuma
  • Budwiser
  • Chibi
  • Shania
  • EagleNebula
  • Durr
  • Moonpaw
  • Supa
  • Star
  • Antwany

I'm sooooooooooo sorry if I forgot to put your name if you're my friend. I don't really go on the computer... TAT

Friends I wish I had: XD

  • Pikachu<3MJ
  • ShayAtmos
  • EagleNebula (OMG YAYZ! XDD Complete! ewe-b)
  • Iggy (Like I'll EVER accomplish that...XD)
  • Toast
  • Yuna
  • ShinyEevee
  • Fleesveon
  • Socks
  • Cloclo
  • Moonpaw(YAYZ! eDe Accomplishhhhhhed~ ewe-b)
  • Pika-san

There's probably a lot I forgot, but oh well. XD

I hope you enjoy my flips! . w .