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Hello, this is GeM, in my flips, you will find things about Invader Zim, Earthbound, and Poke'mon. I will be one of the most popular creators on hatena one day! So... I'll have a description of all my O.Cs right now... never mind... I have like, 50 O.Cs! Yeah... I'm weird...

Well... I guess it won't hurt to add the description for my OCs.

Brooklyn: My first OC EVER. I created her before I even knew about hatena. She has developed alot through the months. She has black hair in a pony tail. Part of her hair covers the right side of her face. She wears a light-ish black sweater and grey shaggy pants. She carrys around two blue double edged swords with her. She is a big chunk of my personality. She is one of the sisters known as "The 3 sides of me." Her personality is the chunk of mine that is bright and go-getting. She is funny, she is always there to help, and is friendly.

Mookie: The second chunk of my personality. She has fairly the same personality as Brooklyn, just a bit more serious. She has black hair, She wears a white cape. All her cloths are white, also. Her hair is mediumly long. (Is mediumly even a word? XD)

Jenn:She is the unhappy side of me... she is nearly always serious. She has blue hair, a blue scarf, and she has blue rings going around her sleeves. She also wears glasses.

GeM: My main I.Z OC. She has two traingeler shapes that hang (Not literely) below her eyes. She also has two triangles that go up both sides of her head. She has a typical uniform but the thing around her neck is not the uniform it's her bandana. She has SIR arms and legs, thanks to Sor. The SIR legs are black and have rings rapping aroung them. She is usually nice, but she can be very mean if you p*ss her off.

Zeth: GeM and Zeth are not really related, (Cuz irkens don't have family) But they are called twins becuase they hatched from their smeet tubes at almost the same exact time and they both use the same DNA.