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Hi !!

hire its a little a bout me

Me real name is carlos

im 16 years old~ i live it puerto rico sanjuan

i love to draw and pissed people up !!

i dont know why but i love to !! LOL !!

im a big fan of Pein~! (the one thad was on hatena

but he ad to leave TT.TT) but im still fan of

him no mather what ! LOL)

im a little childish sometimes

i dont like to be mad im a happy


i dont care what people think of me or say about me

thas there problem LOL i

still will be me NO ONE WILL CHANGE ME !!

and im single TTWTT for evar alone my brothers!!

soooooo if you wanna know moe about me

just ad me to MSN its

or to Deviantart Humanpath

Thanks for reading !!!