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Hai Peeplez owo

Mai name Ish DaisukiCat,And my real name is Fabiola Del Mar.

Im PuertoRican and i'm 14 Years old for now.

Like: Music with upbeats,animating on Hatena and Drawing digital arts on DeviantArt.

Dislikes: Broccoli and Sopa and pipa,scams and "If u love god add stars" Flipnotes.



I can tag peoples stuff >:D cuz I'm awesome...

~blame co (a.k.a her gf...)


The True Story of My oc,Suka:

"Hey,I'm Suka the Heline.If You are wondering what Helines are,They are people that are Half cat yet half human.Me and My people are Slaves to a guy named by King DarkGoliat The 3rd,He hits us with a belt and cuts our heads off,We sweep his feet,clean his laundry and also repaint his castle all year,His dog bruno,Is an evil Poodle.he is dressed with a pink bowtie on his chest.While me and My people tries anything for us to survive from Our Evil enchantress,We try to please the king.Until one night,My mother named by Cho Sakura San,Told me to escape the village of Heline,So i did what the told me as pleased,she also told me to get help so That person can free my people from that horrid castle\village,So i did,Once i ran and ran and rand 10 miles away,I heard a swing sound.A sound like someone cutted something with an axe,That was my Mother and My Baby brother named By Julian Sakura Chan,getting their heads cutted off by that awful king.I cried and cried,My father,Julian Sakura chan,An evil father that has been on the king's dark side for 5 years.

Laughed and Laughed Awfully as my mother and Brother's head cut off,

My OTHER brother,Seager Sakura Chan,escaped with me.Looking for someone,SOMEDAY,To free my people from this horrid life."

Suka is 12 years old.She loves Singing and Discovering new things.

She dosen't know what Love Was Until she met her True Love.

Well its *censored* He is a very sweet man and kind to her.

And well,Suka Like I said and what the story said,She is a Heline,A creature i invented.Half Human,Magical,Elemented,Poor creatures from the woods that moved to a Village called,HelineVillage or The Village of The poor.

Their Leader is a nasty king named by,King Goliat The 3rd.

(Third) Use to use Helines as slaves and Hevils as Helpers Of the King Himself.

He cutted many heads from Helines,For a collection and for their flesh,The Heline's Flesh and Blood has the elements,If the King Goliat has all four of them,He will rule the world and use EVERYONE as slaves,

And Also,His Evil Gang of Idiots are StarBeggers,Scammers and False Reporters and whats worse? THE STEALERS.

They are minions of The King.And If He Wins,we Will all be,King Goliat the Third's Slaves Forever.And King Goliat is Best of Friends With Sopa and Pipa,I might make this story a serie.MAYBE!

So yes thats all~!