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Hi it's me Cyndera! Here's all my Charecters and further more:

B l oo d y Paw (B l oo d y)

A young wild dog who was abandoned by his owner with Spark Paw and was kidnapped by KarKaru and was KarKaru was trying to convince them to destroy all that is good but BP and SP refused and ran away from the dungeon.(new series!)Special power:fire

Spark Paw:

a middle aged dog who is friends with BP;Sp is also has been abandoned by the same owner and was kidnapped.Special power:lighting


A michievious,evil old dragon who wants to turn good to evil and/or wants to destroy them.His wolf friend,Shardar is always by his side.Special power:dark(duh!)


Him and KarKaru are best friends.He is very loud and evil.Special power:fear roar (duh!)