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I think I'm an OK stick fight maker...

Flips in progress:

A bunch of stick fights.

I got my blue DsiXL on christmas.

I started making flips the day after.

I went on Hatena (for the first time) 2 days after.

Creators that inspire me:

I saw an imported version of his "Fight 7: part 1" flip ( about the first day I even SAW hatena ), which was one of the very first stick fights I'd ever seen before. It's been inspiring me ever since.

I saw his X-mas flip in the MP and cracked up. If he were to quit, I (and about 98197498057907850.2 other people) would d!e.

What else should I say? His stick fights are epic.

And anyone else in my faves!

That's about it, so, bye!