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Hi call me Chiyo for now.I have manys interests My friends call me momoe but yall may call me Chiyo or Kei.

I love drawing,i drew ever since i was young.

I speak alil french/Romania/japenese.


I love anime,manga,and etc. xD

I love beauty pop,beast master,high school debut, and more.

Anyway i hardley draw on my computer/laptop.

I draw on paper but i dont color it with crayons.

T^T My friend keeps on messing my drawings up but i have a sketch book she doesnt know about.

Okeh so im clumsy.

Im new 10/30/2011.

I love kawaii colors and drawings/looks.


People acting all that to me.

People who are mean.

People who steal/ steal drawings.

People who mess with my family/friends.

And xD idk it might come to my head soon.Random

I love randomness.

I give out free hugs.

Free cookiehs if i have some.

Help people learn to tie their shoes. xD

Cross old ladies across the street if they need help.

Eat chur cookies.

Eat chur face if it looks funny.

Hug chu to death.

Fall on ur......

o-O' and watch ur tv.

Pluse -looks both ways-

Ill stalk chu if im rlly bored or if i want too.

I love speaking japenese.

If yall wanna learn japenese just ask.

I know a web.

Well um.....

>////< YAOI!!!!

O_o' oh and crash the dog.