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Hello! I am Caleb! I am European but am currently living in the U.S.A. I love to play football(soccer)! I am also a Pokemon fan! I am a purple belt in Chun Kuk Do, I also study judo,karate, and my family custom martial art.My favourite book is warrior cats. My favourite movie is J.Carter. I enjoy making flipnotes although I am not very awesome at it! I love cats. I have 3 cats at home. I also enjoy playing my Dsi with friends.My 2 best friends are Xv.irus and Chase. Here is a list of my great hatena inspirations and friends Chihiro,Mia,Leanna,Xv.irus,SnowFlare,bEaTrOcK,Amber,Darius,Dakota,Alex,Kyro,Meow1001,Taco,Chase,fred,Epic,Jasper,Japanfan,Gumi,m.om,and b.arbie. So sorry if I forgot to add you! I have been on hatena for a year, and I'm gonna stay longer too! Some of my favourite foods are, crumpits, english breakfast tea, nachoes, and chili. I really hope this helped you get to know me! See ya` later! -Caleb (b.la.zest.ar)