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Hi. Eureka! here. I want to say a few things:

1. Wow! Over 50 fans! Thanks, guys!


I have a business making custom logos, and a flipnote school project I need help picking teachers for. I need help! If you want to help me, contact me, by leaving a comment, or preparing a flipnote saying who you are, what you will help with, and why I should choose you. I will pay you in stars.

3. The first episode of my series "Weirdo Land" was praised by quite a few people. However, I NEED responses to my "UPDATE" flip before I can continue. There are a few blanks I need users to help fill for episode 2.

4. I want to be in the Most Popular section, for at least one of my flips. My "FUNNY IDEAS" flip, or Ep. 1 of my series, preferrably...

I think that's all for now, so...bye!


Last Updated 1/17/12