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hello fans and friends i dont really know what 2 put i guess ill just put down stupid stuff .3. well... me and my cousin was on youtube and we clicked on this thing and N Hilda were dating lol and N said taoko (hilda americans)when im with you my haert feels warm XD we cracked UP it was FUNNY i almost DIED well anyway my age is 9 i know ur probly (<- fail) like OMG shes nine i thought she was 15 or somthing so ya sombody at a chat room told me that so um... i stalk N XD i LOVE <3<3<3 him i know im 9 but i also have feelings gosh well i also love pokemon raichu is my favorite i bet yall know that by now and please link my flips 2 channels oh another thing about me and a little bit of everyone is that im stupid for some things um... goals i want to become #1 (doesnt everyone) i want 2 get atleast 5 green stars oh yes um N is a perv someone called me a perv (me and N are alike) i would think thats funny .3. and black bird make more flips with N please u probly dont care do u well my favorite game(s) are ... ... ... pokemon ... ... ... flipnote derp ... ... ... looking at N XD ... ... ... thats it for games u still have a ton 2 read you: come ON . so yah fave meh pwease .u. um if you dont have hatena plus you should get it i guess its really cool raichu:your talking about u not hatena plus. ._. well im 9 going 2 fourth grade i love pokemon i stalk N i do really stupid stuff

people i love


techno cat

krystal i luv u

blackbird(not really)

a bunch of other ppl

oooh i love technoligy


brown hair

long thick hair


white skin (yay)

hates jewelry

my dad embarreses me (he buys me bras)

so uh yeah

add krystal 2 ur favorites she NEEDS them

and i do 2 =^=

i always look like im pulling my hair out XD

i have 58 fans woooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u know how long that took me probly a year trying 2 make it 2 1000 will be poop

well buh bye

somthing else is krystal is my cousin and im younger *troll face*

i love 2 fart *epic face*

um i dont really like black bird because im soooo jealous O.O

stupid am i er.... i dont know what 2 put not somthing like the color of my underwear thats stupid but i am stupid just like everyone who doesnt add me as a favorite (jk)

and jk is my annisials i dont know how 2 spell that hmmm...

i like trains BRRRRRRRR... i love asdf did you ever realise that asdf is in order on the keyboard i live in TEXAS woo yeah this is 2 much for a 9 year olds fingers... OH WELL i dont mind breaking them