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Last updated 1/19/11

Hi my name is Braden lothron I live in texas and

last time i updated this it auto corrected my last name

so i had to fix it

i have been on flipnote for about a year now

















that was my epic yoshi i found


___________________________________________________________________________________my hatena goals are

get 1,000 fans check

get a most pop flip

get a ranking below 100-Done! my lowest ranking was 63 :D

get added by my most favorite creators 80 percent

thats it!



kevin he always spends good time on his work and makes aweosome fight scenes

hydrorush has an awesome series and has really came along to be a good creator

$RONALD$ he is a great anomator and his series is awesome its the best RPG series in my opinon he inspires me alot for my series

genowhirl has a really aweosme series and it was awesome to add geno in it

jeffrey he is like a super mario world version of shadow624 he makes great sprites and anomation

DarkAceZ he is awesome his SMBZ is exacly like the one on youtube AND he is a great! anomator


love his series and his sprites they are very good

AcidAce is an awesome he is very supportive and helped alot of people with gamasta

i'll add more people later if i didn't add you that doesn't mean i don't like you



some super star saga mario and luigi

some enemys

warning this might be a couple of sprites outdated !


___________________________________________________________________________________first i enjoy getting on hatena or just flipnote i have been on hatena for 1



Well just do hatena for the fun of it but i also like to get comments and stars