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Wasssssap im Jdog or you can call me johnny i dont care

dB as lonng as u has swag lol so a couple things about me ... ima brony

i play halo and call of duty on xboxlive most of the time

i draw alot

i watch lots of animes like durarara, azume gideio, flcl

i read homestuck


anyways my number one hatena dream was to be a featured artist but i gave up on my dreams long ago from loss of motivation Im slowly getting it back though dB

so off that topic

My spirit pokemon is Haunter

My o.c's are

Jdog teh riolu

Cartoon me

robo Jdog

Future Jdog

Future Me

Jake the ampharos

Razor the weavile

Lee the hitmonlee

spike the electrode

depressed ralts

gasser the gengar

dark the mienfoo

vaper the serviper

ryan the raichu

blade the absol

swag the scrafty


candles the chandelure

sunnn sunflora

lily the liligant


bunbun lopunny

Vile the gloom

Momo the spinda

Scout the grovyle

umm im always on hatena if u ever wanna chat with mua dB im probably at masa's chat or bass and quial's chat thats kinda like my hatena home lol


Xboxlive: Jdog5557

Facebook: Johnny Jones

Twitter: @Jdog5557

PlaystationNetwork: Jdog5557

GaiaOnline: JdogDerp or Jdog5557 (i forget)

DeviantArt: Jdog5557

Instagram: JdogCantHop

(lol mainly the same name)






oh yeah some of my favorite music.. mainly rap dubstep and metal ;v; anything with swag

e//w//e Mikayla <3

dB^ ily! <3 <3 <3


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