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i am just an average girl trying to draw the best flips notes i can. even if my flip notes don't look that good i always have my fans on my side to support me. so i thank them. and i hope i make many more fans to come. and become popular. but if i do not manage to become popular at least i had a lot of fun. you know what they say the reason you post flips is just to have fun. i wish all of my fans the best of luck and thousands of stars to come. oh and by the way my new goals are


50 fans

50,000 stars

and 3 green stars

and to be ranked at 250


this is who i am

i am 12 years old

my b day is on march 15 2000

and i only speak English


oh and don't ask me this

can i have stars

add me

DO NOT TELL ME THAT I SUCK i will report u right away

and last but not least do not steal my flips if you do i will report u

___________________________________________________________________________________oh my favorite creators that i admire are piecreator, and fleesvon







Music liked one direction