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Hello,I'm ♪ミユウ™ (Kate)

I live in Monterrey Mexico im 14 years old in 28th Oct ill be 15

Im Taken ^^

I got lots of O.c's :3

Im an eevee/ying/yang

nyah um...wut else....oh yeah i love talking with my friends/fans

My friends are:

=94,DobleD.,FENIX,Genieve,Oceanmari,ToxicAcid, Arlet<3$,LunaWolf,SammiBat,Rave,Smiley,Candy,Josh/1year,Cj<3,Mistic/BR,Kenny.DianaVamp,NeonWolf,many more

Well i love anime ^^

I like music,anime,eletronics,Chatting,Drawing,Dr Pepper (yesh éwe),xDthats all

Ive been inspired by many creators like: Moroxide,FENIX,Aurora&Co,

Scribbles,Bandit and more

Cya guys ima buy some nerds