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Note from 1/8/16: Hello, bypasser. I doubt you remember me, but yes, I am Yowza. As a sixteen year old in high school. Honestly, I can't believe I remembered my username and password. Before today, I hadn't been logged on since 2012. Looking back at these memories is so bittersweet. Thank you all for the amazing time I had on Hatena. This site was a major experience in my childhood. If you can, please look up Sudomemo. It is the closest thing to Flipnote Hatena we have now. Well, without further ado, here is my twelve-year-old past self:



Heyo! I'm Yowza, one of the most random girls on Hatena! PLEASE don't mistake me for a boy, I've had that happen to me before O_O

D Anyway, I LOVE drawing stick figures, they're one of the most fun things to draw! I may suck at flip-making right now, but I'm sure as years go by I'll get better. I have six characters

Bob- A crazy 17 year old who has a gun. One of the main characters in The Crazy Life, and was made way before my main character Yowza! He sounds like a little kid and ALWAYS gets mistaken for a ten-year old! He sucks at singing, driving, and practically everything a 17 year old should be good at! HE'S THE ODD ONE OUT!

How Bob Got Made- Well a long time ago me and my friend Tami were doing a project at school. I drew a stick figure holding a gun (because the project had to do with right to bear arms). Tami LOVED the stick figure. I asked "Hmmm... what should we name him?". Tami said "How about Bob?", and I exclaimed "PERFECT!!!". Ever since then me and Tami have been obsessed with Bob and used him in almost all our projects!

Steve- Bob's big brother who is 23! Steve doesn't have a gun, but has a cap that he wears all the time! He is VERY mischievious and loves to pull pranks and joke around with people.

How Steve Got Made- The second "Bob" character ever made. Well for Social Studies I had to write a story about a dictatorship. I titled the book "Steve's Journal". I wrote everything that was on his mind, and when I completed the book I thought "Hmm... why not make Steve another stick figure character of mine?". So I drew a stick figure with a cap on the cover of the book, and officially made him Bob's big brother.

Shmidt- A shy, quiet 35 year old who looks WAY younger than he really is. He rarely talks, and has been best friends with Steve ever since Steve was born. He actually met Steve when he was 13 and Steve was just a little newborn. He HATES violence and always comes up with a solution for everything. And don't get Shmidt mixed up with Bob! Bob has eyebrows, and Shmidt only has eyebrows when he's showing emotion (mad, sad). Plus, Bob is smaller than Shmidt AND Bob gots a buck tooth, Shmidt doesn't!

How Shmidt Was Made- The third "Bob" character ever made. Shmidt went along with Steve. As soon as I titled the book "Steve's Journal", I named the dictator in the book Shmidt Shipley. I made Shmidt a friendly dictator, one who would save Steve from Shictatordip Island. So, I thought that maybe I could make Shmidt one of the stick figures too! Beside the Steve drawing, I drew what Shmidt would look like and he officially became Steve's best friend.

Joe- Bob and Steve's little brother! He is 7 years old, and very small for his age! He can get anything he wants by making a puppy face. He also loves hugs, and can never get enough of them! And he thinks he can drive when he really can't! ;D

How Joe Was Made- The fourth "Bob" character ever made. Well for some odd reason I had this image stuck in my head. An image of a cute little stick figure with big, round eyes and pupils. The image was stuck in my head for a while, so I drew the image on a piece of paper. It was so cute, I just HAD to make him part of the stick figure group! I named him Joe, and Joe officially became Bob and Steve's little brother.

Mayo- A hyper, psycho, indescribable dude who is MAJORLY addicted to mayonnaise. He is 17 like Bob and is in the same class with Bob! He wears an empty mayonnaise jar on his head and always has mayonnaise all over his face! The reason why he loves mayonnaise so much is because when he was just a little newborn, his parents could not afford milk to give him. Since they worked at a mayonnaise factory, they fed him mayonnaise instead! Ever since then, he's been CRAZY about mayonnaise! If anyone ever says the word "mayo" or "mayonnaise", he will throw mayonnaise all over your face! SO WATCH OUT!!!

How Mayo Was Made- The fifth "Bob" character ever made. Mayo didn't really take anything to make, honestly. XD Since Steve had him a best friend, I gave Bob a best friend. So I just thought up a random character who was addicted to mayonnaise lol XD

Yowza- My main character who represents me! She is 12 years old and my only girl character! She loves hanging out with Bob, Steve, Joe, Shmidt, and Mayo. She is funny, loving and epic, but can be sensitive at times. Her best friend out of all the characters is Bob. Which I forgot to mention on Bob's info... Bob has a little crush on Yowza hehehehe....

How Yowza Was Made- The sixth "Bob" character ever made. I thought "Hey, these guys are so awesome together, so why don't I make a stick figure that resembles me so they seem more real to me?" So I named her Yowza (because yowza is my favorite word) and made her... well, me! :D


So yeah, that's all about my characters! Here is some info just in case you wanna know more about me (mwa, moi, myself):

My Favorite...

Color: Black and Blue

Food: Pizza

Animal: Bats, Wolves, and Cats

Creator: gizmo, Twilc, mango

Song: Misery

Rapper: Eminem

Band: F.U.N.

Solo Singer: Bruno Mars

Type of Music: Pop

Movie: Rodrick Rules

TV Show: AFV


Name: Grace

B-Day: June 2, 1999

Personality: Happy

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Brown

So yup, that about wraps it up! Also, if you ever wanna chat with me, you can always catch me in my chatroom!

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