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OMG I love it on here! My name is Jade! I'm a serious sonic/mario fan! ANYBODY OUT THERE WHO FRICKEN LOVES MORTAL KOMBAT AS MUCH AS ME!? Nope. I love it way more than jew!

Girlfriend/sista!: blizzy*(star)

Best friend: OceanaMari

Crush: like i'll say!

All my characters:(ordered from the first person i made up til last)

Ceasar the fox/monkey ^made her up when i was 6^

Terra the wolf ^she's an actual wolf. With goggles!^

Mya the squirrel ^she's the sonic me^

Selena the squirrel ^Mya'a older sister^

Soul the hyena ^Luna's cousin^ (Luna is Blizzy*'s o.c.)

Dim the coyote ^she does NOT have a tail^

Coal the crow ^first boy o.c. n madly in love with Ceasar^

Tank the coyote ^Dim's brother n the hottest of my o.c.s^ lol

Livian the rabbit ^ringleader of her own circus n Tank's ex-wife^ DRAMA!

Conan the rabbit ^little brother of Livian n a magician^

Agent the red fox ^his eye is missing n has a bullet hole in his ear^

Kimmy the guineapig ^Conan's in love wit her n she'll bite your head off^

Kevin the guineapig ^Kimmy's little brother n he can mess with yo mind^

Clawdeen the red panda ^Princess of the guineapigs (lol) n kidnapped^

Eclipse the hyena ^Soul's grandma n Dim's sensai^ KUNG-FU!

Pale the hyena ^Agent's fiance` n Soul's mother n Eclipse's daughter^

Sketch the zebra ^Selena's ex-boyfriend n very heart-broken^ SINGLE! <3

Seth the gecko ^Tank's old friend n dating Tank's ex^ not friends anymore

Bells the firefly ^dating Seth n her butt can light up^ LOL

James the snow leopard ^a twin n he can freeze things in place^ not ice

Shaw the pangolin ^he's a hippie n owns a van^ right on, man!

Jewel the leopard ^the other twin n if she touches you she knows everything about you

Jagges the tasmanian devil ^he can make your worst nightmare come to life^

Jane the mouse ^dating Jagges n works at Sonic's w/ Luna n can create mirages^

Lezly the lioness ^well she s a lesbian girl thats all i gotta say^

Oscar the bull ^he has a crush on Lezly...? well hes getting a gf any way so whatev^

Moxy the bear ^she my two-faced witch who give you chocolate then kill you later^

Pandora the panda ^shes my rockstar who owns an electric guitar XD^

Finn the chicken ^owns a dog^

Fionna the chicken ^owns a cat^

  • unknown character-____________

Algebra the red pandog ^she the sonic me XP^

Digit the red pandog ^very protective of his sisters n thats pretty much it^

Disturbia the ferret ^heh heh her name should explain it all^

Minority the poodle ^she french but is she really all that classy?^

Addelle the red pandog ^shes the sweetest lil girlie you could ever meet of course not counting Ceasar!^

Gigi the jellyfish ^she loves the color green^

Merri the jellyfish ^she loves the color red^

Apocalypse the ferret ^d-a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s^

DJ the squirrel ^if your at her party you'll never leave...^

Sear the kangaroo rat ^she knows EVERY personal info bout you like yous height, weight, shoe size,etc.^

Brisk the kangaroo rat ^he knows EVERY personal relationship in your life,past relationships, present relationships, n how strong your relationship is with someone^


And that's it for now! N btw i still very much love SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~halloweendiva~ aka Selena&Mya