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I GOT A 3DS. Eeeeeeepicness. I'm a Christian, first off.If you have a different religion, please don't hate me. It is a personal choice, our beliefs.I <3 God! I am fairly good at electric drums. I have elec. drums and an elec. guitar. MY FAVORITE BAND IS PARAMORE!!! 2nd fave: Toby mac.

I am making a hatena poke'players clan!

Anyone who wants to join, leave your FC if I don't already have it, And tell me you want to be in it, and u r in!

RULES:No rude comments

no inaproppriate or cussing comments

you must show up at all of the meets you can

You must compete in our tournaments

and have fun!

Current Goals:80,000 Stars


Rank 50

200 fans


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║Check out Neverending peril║




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When life gives you lemons,

you throw them in the eyes of a false reporter!!!

CoPy ThIs If YoU hAvE bEeN fAlSe RePoRtEd!!!


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