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I'm a noobish artist who wants to become popular Hatena. XD. That's basically it. Hope you like my flips. :)

I'm a weird kid :D

I like onions and cheese. Couldn't get more random. eFTe


MV's as good as Squirt, or better! (NOT EVEN CLOSE) xD But I'm getting there.


Gold: 1: Duh.

Gold: 10: ...

Gold: 100: Why not?

Gold: 1,000: Sure.

Gold: 10,000. Yep.

Gold: 100,000 Not yet :3

Gold: 1,000,000. Gimme about 10 years. Then we talk

Green: 1: Done.

Green: 5: WOOHOO!

Green: 10: Nope.

Green: 100: o_o

Green: 1000: O_O

Red: 1: Yep. HUrrah :D

Red: 10: Nada

Red: 100: Wishful

Red: 1000: Wishful thinking.

Blue: 1: o-o

Blue: 10: Maybe

Blue: 100: I'm not Gizmo.

Purple: 1: Yeah. Not gonna happen. x-x

Purple: 10: -blargh-




Fans:100. As of sometime in September 2011.

Fans:1000 Later~

Fans:10000. Definately not.

Well, Yeah. This is me.

Mah world. :3

Hope all you guys enjoy my flips. oFTo