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Hey everyone reading this! I'm TeenRanger, a 15-year-old guy from Oklahoma. I L-O-V-E KINGDOM HEARTS! It puts the awe in awesome. I do mma. I am a black belt. Friends r most important 2 me. I can't animate @ all. I love 2 draw Roxas and Sora. My b-day is Oct. 25. I listen 2 music 24/7. My five fav songs r: It's Not Me It's You(Skillet) Like a Racecar(Hawk Nelson) Faceless(RED) Honey and the Bee(Owl City) Hey Devil(Toby Mac) (I also rlly like group1crew) My screen name suggests I like rangers. Well, you're wrong. I AM a ranger! My favorite books r the Ranger's Apprentice. Currently my favorite book has been Book 3: The Icebound Land. I also love butter-nut squash pie. (Yesh, call me a weirdo) Well,that's about it 4 now. -TeenRanger