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Hiya guys! I'm 14, I live in the UK. I see myself as a pretty nice person, personally, I hate hurting peoples feelings, or displeasing people. I also hate looking like a complete idiot. I have two friends. Yay! Candystar and Blobs! I see myself has a bad drawer and animator on Hatena, that is my personal opinion, I am not attention seeking! But anyway, nice to tell ya about me. o3o

My OCs

My Most Used Main: Gyro, a evil, messed up, stuck up and can seem somewhat nasty demon who tries to eat everything. (He doesn't gain weight. He'll never learn!) And has a dual personality. (Kind/Mean. It varies)

My Second Main: Rosieroo, who was actually thought up by my friend in RL. She directs most of my MVs/Flips, tells me whether I should post them or not and what music I should use.

My Third Main: A light blue wolf/fox creature with a bright blue underbelly a snout. Used to be owned by Iastan before she turned heartless. Rosieroo adopted her and is constantly in battle with Gyro about not eating her.

My Old Main: Iastan, a blue-haired girl with pigtails, used to be the good side of Gyro before they split apart, Iastan since then has become heartless and rarely shows up in my flips anymore.

Side OC: Jake, a demon who hates Gyro and is somewhat jealous of him, mostly because Gyro is friends with Rosieroo, who he secretly likes.

Side OC 2: Maxi, an old counterpart of Iastan. When Gyro and Iastan split, she died due to being both of them together.