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Be Icy ==>

Are you sure?? It's kind of weird in her head...

BE ICY ==>

Okay, okay!!

You are ICY KIDOMI. Well, that is your CODE NAME. Your interests include DRAWING, MAKING AND WRITING MUSIC, TELLING STORIES, and ROLEPLAYING (but not the dangerous kind). You like to watch ANIMES like WHEN THEY CRY, OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB, and SHUGO CHARA to name a few. Your obsessions control what your characters look like, and so far you have gone through many obsessions; TOKYO MEW MEW, FINAL FANTASY, KINGDOM HEARTS, and most recently HOMESTUCK. Your are a taurus with a birthday of April 23rd and a knack for WRITING HORROR STORIES. You are super friendly but are kind of OCD and a CONTROL FREAK with HYPERACTIVE MOOD SWINGS. Are you sure you want to continue being Icy?