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um...harro :3 a little about me(i guess......idk):

(real)name: Jessica

region: USA

gender: girl age: 11

birthday: March 5 C:

height: 5'1(i'm pretty sure...)

looks: long blonde eyes frecklez 8D

likes: anime, animals, drawing, movies, candy,reading/writing,swiming, colors XD and...smiley faces :)

dislikes: veggies, *shrug*

okay...if u read all that... ur awesome <3

....if anyone has any requests i'd gladly do them, and I appreciate all my fans :3 I will also be at the 2011 aki-con so if ur going plz send me a message 8)

current OC's: Blackberry

luv u all, thx 4 reading :3