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Hi ppl. Call me Avril or Epic.I first came to Hatena in August when I saw some funny flips.I love to sing and draw.Music is my whole life to me.Drawing really inspires me to do some stuff and drawing helps me express my feelings.I do spend most of my time doing school realted stuff but I always have time for Hatena and music.I also have an account on Haiku which has like my recent activities and stuff... Anyway,I love drawing!Here are some crazy facts about me:

Fave food:cheesecake & churros

Fave song:Runaway Baby

Fave show:pretty much everything on disney

Fave movie:Hunger Games

Fave ice cream:Cookie dough


2 interesting facts about me:


2.I really love to hang out with my friends.

Fave artist:Avril Lavigne

Why?:Avril Lavigne is my favorite artist because her songs are really inspirering to me and I think her songs are supposed to mean somthing to her.For example:Her song Slipped Away might remind her of a special person in her life that di ed. Byes