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Hi to the people who are reading this!

Right now, I'm on vacation, and probably won't be back for 2 weeks.

I made the mistake of thinking I would have wifi on my dsi, So I didn't say anything about this earlier. On the good side, my iPod has wifi, so I can still comment on flipnotes and write things here.

Oh and thank you to all my supporters! I can't believe anybody likes the randomness I come up with, so it means a lot!

I also would like to say I looked at my past flipnotes and thought that I didn't really do much animating. It was just them talking. So I'm trying to animate them more.

~~~About Me~~~

My favorite book series are:

the Warrior Cat series and

the Hunger games Series.

My favorite games are:

Minecraft and

Animal Crossing even I don't play it that much.

I absolutely love cats!

Um... I like Icecream?

Okay, Bye!

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