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hi its lutin ;3 i started making flipnotes using any pen that came to my hand first, and making small flipnotes with stickmen and dogs and soon got used to the different fonts, paints and colours you could use. and not long after i discovered wifi on my ds,and was eager to join hatena. i got my friend dark angel to post a flip of mine on her account to see how it went . and it got more than 400 stars which really isnt much but really it was enough! i really believed my flips woul be extremel popular......well now im getting there! my first fan and great friend was evan and he helped me all the wa becoming the confident artist i am now. ue supported me by giving me stars, leaving comments and even a few green stars! an after evan i made great friends with lots of people who supported me! including okami,hoshi coco,themaster and man many more! and you can surely tell that in the space of less than a year i feel my rawings have come on an awful lot! and im hoping that my drawings will come on even more in the next year. from my earliest fan to my latest, from my first star to my last, from my shortest comment to my longest, im thanking all of you from my fans to my friends with the most biggest hugs in the world! ~lutin