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hi im pokegirl87 from deviantart dB

i cant animate because my dsi is broken and idk how to animate...soo yeah i just join hatena for fun..i'll animate and move this account in

december,24,2011 thats when i get my new dsi dBB>

real name:natalie


nickname:poke,lily or marielaura (<---- okay never call me that dB<),poky (The only who can call me poky is my bf dXXXX)

fav creator:flash,shayatmos,en,sticksword,darktech,darkdragon,shiny,neptune AND MANY MORE

my deviantart:

my skype:natalie.mikat09

im a super nice person soo ask me anything and i'll help you (expect if your a noob or falsereporter >:U)and im also spanish dB>

soo eeyep