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Name: Inaayah

Age: 13

Gender: girl

Likes: nice people, chocolate, sonic, disney, drawing, painting, dancing, singing, originality, freinds

Dislikes: mean people, bullies, losing friends, people who steal

My o.cs:

Element the hehgehog

age: 13

gender: girl

As a little girl, Sonic and the freedom fighters have always been her idols. She often wishes one day she can become one of them, though it hasn't happened...yet. A lot of people think she's to young and illexsperienced to become a freedom fighter, but she ignores them. she can hear ultrasonic sounds, has sikic powers, and is a hard fighter. Her partner, Eve the pikachu, helps Element stay out of trouble, but it always seems to fallow.


Tara the squirrel

age: 15

gender: girl