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i may not be back till the next year or in a very long time,my dsi is broken at the screen buttons and it can barely turn on. some friends i may not see again in a very long time,if you have a facebook plz tell me. to all my fans,thank you for giving 62 reasons to have motivation,i hope you guys still remember me in a year or longer...and to some special friends.

geni:goodbye master,you were very awesome,you were also a very good friend.

angel:you were as epic as a sonic generations game mixed with a zelda game,cya bud.

razor: youre the nicest friend with the biggest heart ever,i hope your popularity rises higher for you to be as best as gizmo.

caleb:youre the epicest guy ive known since we first met,itll be sad without being able to see ya in a long time. keep being super epic while im gone.

maddy: i dont think we can keep the relationship on since i will be gone,i hope you find a awesome bf in time,goodbye.

blastoid:youre super epic,even though weve just met,ill be on facebook often,cya there.

ill miss you all cya in a long time. bye.

keep flippin.


this is just in case u guys dont read desc. in the first flip