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um idk lawls

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um idk lawls

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you can find me on youtube as:demyxchic13

and on DA as:BlindedByDreams

well im back!!!! <3

drunk singing dancing prussia's epically awesome sugar cookies in space with germany holding italy who's making pasta while singing the tomato song with romano and spain holding hands with poland who's trying to get lithuania in a skirt while holding on to latvia who is being fondled by a drunk russia while being clung onto by belarus while being hit on by a hyper drunk america who's getting yelled at by england who has me huggling his leg begging for a cookie while sealand is whining about not being a real country while being hit in the head by france who gets turned into a chibi by brittanian angel who secretly loves america but wont ever say it then flying mint bunny flies in wearing a tutu and singing the cuppycake song to you while i slap it away with latvia's flower which got stolen and eaten by a hyper sweden with a drunk santa finland on his back whos trying to to escape but is bein held against his will by an evil canada and a high cuba and a crazy dark china in a playboy bunny outfit while japan is scarred for life along with korea who is groping japan happily and claiming his breast while switzerland bugs austria about money while liechtenstein just goes with it with estonia whos waching the whole thing and laughing while a random war breaks out in europe and reaches asia in 5 seconds then ends when rome apppears singing for no apparent reason again who comes with germania who tellls everyone to shut up and go home and no one listens to him so he goes on a drunkin rampage with barney and iceland while the bamf mr.puffin sang with his annoying yelling voice who got shot by a pissed romano in a chicken suit who was being stalked by spain in a tomato costume then the world blew up wich left a bunch of burnt confused countries in heaven and god was extremely displeased

lol me and wrath's story XD




march 22

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idk lmao



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a hospital....



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lol drawing


english some german