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Hmmmm... what to say...

Age: 16

Gender: Dude

Species: A smexy lookin Breloom

Music Genre: Any kind of rock, mostly metal and that awesome stuff

Gaming Consoles: Dsi (duh), Xbox 360, Wii

Hobbies: Music and videogames

State: IL

i dont know if there's anything else to say about my self. but, i've lost my silver citizenship before. i can play the drums and guitar, but i cant read music well. im available on dA and youtube, so ask me for both accounts if u want. im not on dA all the time and neither youtube though, but i will use those accounts if requested.

im mostly on the dsi and xbox than anything else i play with, but mostly the dsi.

i am somewhat antisocial when it comes to the reality, but kinda different when i roam Hatena. i dont chat with others anymore. i dont like being with ppl who use me as another gaming piece to their so-called life.