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I am 10 years old and I am a good person with an evil soul and I like to do all sorts of thing like playing video games, watching movies, creating comics, and more after I go to my boring school and I wish I could just tear it down. I like 5 heroes Mario, Sonic, Lucario, Kirby, and El Tigre. Most of all I love creating flipnotes and posting them to the Flipnote Hatena Website or DSI Service. All I want is for people to give me green stars, red stars, blue stars, and purple stars so I can be famous but nobody will, you know I like LPS123 and Sacul, also Islangirl and I had our glorious rivalry but our rivalry got burn down in flames so we now become friends now I hope. I just want people to give me rare stars and I wish I had flipnote friends and I know I want to be popular by having 1,000,000 stars I wish I could be a rock star that's why I want to be famous. That's the end of my story.

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