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Hi iv been on hatena since Feburary and iv met people v made the BEST of freinds and your all so nice.^-^ apart from fale reporters

So im Josie from England and some times my dsi is taken of me for a while (i get caught going on it at night past my bed time .....lolol

im 10 years old and have blonde curly long hair blue eyes.

my best friends are Larmeldrum & ToonFox.

i do a manga series called Adam & Eve i also starting an animation series called I know your here ,inspired by ToonFox.

i think that hatena too many copiers & false reporters also im getting tired of too many people using other peoples templates and stealing ideas. .3.

I thought hatena was a place to show your skills to the world to be honest!But some people lie they feel they cant draw so they will steal other peoples drawings & claim them as their own. Im really happy people have come to hatena to actuly SHOW everyone what they can do WITHOUT stealing.^-^

It dosnt matter about if you cant draw if you dont have many fans or stars or if your not popular atleast you try and you should be PROUD of your work. anyway if you want to show us then why get upset about all the above?


magnifyers make your eyes look big.