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'Ello! My real name is Kaitlynn Nelson. Look me up on Facebook! I'm 13 years old (Don't seem like it though) and I'm in 8th grade! Well to me I'm a lonely person and lives a sad life but to other people because they see a whole new me; they see a funny, creative, loving teenager that could use a little laugh between here and there :) If you want to chat with me most you can find me on Face Book more than any where else! And when I am on Hatena you can find me in Gizmo's chat room... Number 2! :3 I live in Michigan so yeah :) I play the French Horn; I use to play Trumpet. I play a little of Flute and Clarinet and I wanna play Alto Saxophone! If you can see I love band and I love Science >:3 So yeah... Bye! Ily