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Hi everyone my names kaitlynn I am a pale teenage girl with green eyes and dirty blond colored hair. I have a little brother who is the sweetest little one you could ever meet also the most annoying LOL. But I love him all the same. I have a step father who I believe is the devil himself. I have my mama she loves all and if my # 1 role model.I have my mama's boyfriend Lee who is the best. I am an outsider to the people around where I live but at school I have a few friends. I am a nice caring girl who hates bullies, jerks and all people who are means and nasty and don't care about anyone but themselves.


I like to draw, sing, dance, cook, be with my family (I treat my friend as family), go shopping, video games, swimming, and I love to take care and play with animals and I like going on the computer.


I watch B.E.T, music on demand, disney, cartoon network, nick, scifie, demand movies, nick teen, and news (I like to know what is happening in the world) but I am mostly on the computer and game system


I like all movies


All books. But mostly grafic novels. They are my altime favorite books and I like mistery and horror. I read love stories. You can say if it has chapters mostly more than 5 I will read it. I read alot and sort of a book worm. No mature what people say if I read to much that only makes me want to read more and even though I read I'm still popular well middle class popularity. That does not go to my head so I am a good student A+ student to be exact. So reading only makes me better. (A WORD OF ADVICE TO WHO EVER IS GETTING POOR GRADES AND IS BEING HELD BACK PUCK UP A BOOK AND STUDY MAYBE NOT EVEN STUDY JUST TO READ NO MATTER WHAT YOU READ IT CAN HELP YOUR BRAIN GROW YOU JUST HAVE TO LET IT.)