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I'm Blaire,

I'm a girl and I love to play keyboard, draw(can't draw on the dsi though..xP), SKATEBOARD(main thing I do), play soccer xP,and listen to music. The type of music I listen to are: rock ,screamo, dubstep, or metal music. I gotta say at this moment my favorite bands are:Skillet,Skrillex,Muse, Black veil brides, linkin park, green day, paramore, 3 days grace, the fray,the script,flyleaf,mcr,bvb,breaking benjamin, aerosmith, and evanescence. My friends on hatena have to be Michael <33333 xD,Laney,Ashy!!<333 lmao ,Nimrod?,Byron :D,and horrorpunk (awesome friends!!haha yea..whatever..).....Anyways, I usually claim i'm a very boring person, but my friends tell me otherwise..so in their opinion i'm "cool" or "awesome". Another thing about me is...I have dyslexia..it's been a real big secret of mine...>///< I hate it -___-.... Well anyways, if you wanna talk, lemme me know ^^ bye!! :D GUMMY BEARS RULE :D :D (I also have a fb, if you wanna know it..I might possibly give it to you...if of course your my friend.)