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TODAY, October 18th, is the very day i joined Hatena exactly one year ago! XP

Thx for being so patient with my flips. Ive been rlly busy. The Wisp club member profiles are almost done. Check this flip for more details: R,B,Right,Down,Y,A,X,B,Left,B

Restless series ON HOLD. Trailer almost done. Got lots of other flips i wanna post like a funny Halloween flip. >:p

Hello my name is Toasty. :P Well, it's not really Toasty but Toasty is my nickname. I live in Michigan. I'm thirteen and love to draw, play video games, play sports and stuff outside.

I joined Hatena as like a portfolio to show and keep my artwork. I've been drawing since I was four and am a way better artist on paper. So don't say I suck cuz u don't know what I got! lolz o w o

I'm weird and like going crazy and being dumb. I have a lot of Hatena friends but nun of my friends outside Hatena have Dsi's.

I love my Skittles she is da greatest and cutest girl EVER <3

According to what some people say, having 500-800 fans make you a popular creator. If that is true than I AM NOW POPULAR! I have successfully have gotten 800 fans! I thank you all for your support and stars! YOU GUYS ROCK! Hopefully I can try even harder to make better and more popular flips that are liked by more ppl!

Highest Rank Ever Achieved: 23