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Hey guys~

Most recent update: 11/16/11. So read down.


Might come back soon. I really only left because I wanted the drama to down.

My style su.cks. Bleh.

I'll change my name when I come back, once I find a good one~


Found a name; Avarice. You take it, I ki!! you.

Found my style again. I'm proud of it, kids at school are asking me to draw them pictures. :3

I hope drama cleared up when I was gone. I promise, I'll be back soon. :)


Joined Project Felidae on Proboards. Awesome, Val<3

D| Guys, you seriously need to ask for help if you don't know what to do in forum rping. And know that the chat is NOT where you rp. e.e

I hope Val makes me a mod, because I can really help. o.o I've been forum rping for ....five or six years now. c: And If she lets me, I could also edit pictures for her that could be placed on the site to make it look pretty.

|D However, the con of me being a mod is that I would be very strict with grammar and puncuation. That's because I've been doing it for a long time.


Yey, I'm a mod, although I haven't accepted anything yet because Val hasn't changed my... permissions or whatever. xD

Sorry I haven't been on. School, and I've been on other sites, and I really don't feel like making animations with so much hw.





Well, er, Val let Felidae d!e... So yeah... Still working on style. Will be back... maybe next year?