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Name: Jessica

Age: 23

Birthday: Sept. 17

Deviantart: LordBoop

Tumblr: Naoto / Lordboop

Twitter: @jyushimatsu/@Lordboop

Neopets: Boopenshire

Pokefarm: LordBoop

I am a huge fan of Pokemon, Digimon, Neopets, Danganronpa, Persona, Sonic, and more!

My main thing these days is making custom plush, but I do dabble in flipnote again every so often

Decided to keep up these old goals cuz I think they are neat:

|X| Get 100 fans

|X|Get 500 fans

|X|Get 1,000 fans

|X|Get 5,000 fans

| | Get OVER 9,000 FANS!

|X| Get on most popular

|X| Get on the top 3 flipnote ranking

| | Get a flipnote ranked #1

|X| Get 10,000 stars on a flipnote

|X| Get 50,000 stars on a flipnote

|X| Get 100,000 stars on a flipnote

|X| get on the top 5 creators ranking

| | get ranked #1 creator

And to think, once I get a 3DS I'll have to start over again XP