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First Off Hello

My Name's Kylie

I'm 14

Girl If You Haven't Found That Out Yet


Manga/Anime Freak

Newfound Obsession With Hugging Pillows

And Eating BBQ Sauce Plain

Nerd To The Core

Yaoi Lover

Love All Kinds Of Music

I'm A Fangirl OF AmericaxEngland (USUK)

I Play Soccer (Been Playing Since I Was Three)

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Kylie James

Email: kjsoccer11@yahoo.com

Honorable Mentions: Real Names BTW

Lance, Shawna, Robert, Ethan, Jay, Jori- Bear (Jorian), Mattie- Bear, (matthew),Lavii (Lavender), Last But Not Least Brian.

Random quote:

My love for you is like diarrhea, I just cant hold it in!