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Hi this is Gl•k aslo Scar and mah good friend Maximum!!!my freinds on/of hatena are: invadrScar, InvaderGib, Maximum, and invadrMarx. My friend Scar, Maximum, and I are all excedingly awesome and incredably amazing. if you disagree you will pay.

YES I DO HAVE AN ACCOUNT ON DA. My name is InvaderGlok

now i know gar did the exact same thing but im going to list my O.C.s

Gl•k is my main O.C. He is in love with Gar and he has dark purple eyes. (since she's my favorite creator and other reasons) he is a wanted irken for stealing important machinery from the massive and for his many attempts at killing the tallest. he escaped to Earth to get destroy it to get all the Irkens there on his side do he can take over the universe. He is insane if you hadn't noticed. his main goals in life are to get Gar to love him, take over the universe, and get revenge on Zim. He is the type of character who is vain and only thinks about themselves. His best friend is Scar and he is usually with Scar or Gar. (AAAAHHHHH teh names rhyme!!!) Also he is kinda an idiot. His hatchday is May 29

Rit. Rit is an evil scientist who is one of the most smartest irkens. sorta like a prof. membrane but Irken. He wac assighned to one of the most deadly planets. he is also very vain and loves no one.

Klenk is insane. He is blind in one eye and well... insane. not insane like Gl?k insane like Gir. He is a nice fun loving Irken. I said insane alot.

Pid. Pid is one of the smallest irkens. He only grew about five inches his whole life. he was always made fun of until he proved worthy enough and he is now an invader for a planet full of very small creatures

Lek. Lek is an elite soldier. he is very serious and only cares about his work.

Braglaloorchis. Braglaloorchis is like Shloonktapooxis from BDFBTS (the cone-shaped alien) he is small and is red were shloonk has purple.

Slirdge. Slirdge is a serious average invader. he is like Skoodge only taller and his head is shaped differently.he had a wire thing in his head like Tak. after i made him up i was watching "the nightmare begins" and i noticed in the beginning you can see the back of an Irken who looks exactly like him. it was weird.

Lurg. Lurg represents my little sister. He's cute, fun, happy, and sometimes annoying.

Vik. Vik is an average irken. he isn't an invader.

Leatch. Leatch is almost as tall as the tallest. he has a scar across his forehead. he was sent away to planet Frustachious (the coldest planet in all of the galaxy) so the tallest could get rid of him and they'd stay the tallest. he thinks that he's just on a secret mission and as failed because it is to cold to start his ship. only one creature besides him is alive and living on that planet.

Zok. Zok was the result of what happened when Gl•k and Zim were in the same cloning machine. His personality is Gl•k and Zim combined. So obviously since Zim and Gl•k want to take over the universe he does too. Except one thing...instead of being an idiot like the two hrs very smart.

Horkbajon. Hork is the last surviving Skribian from planet Skrib. He decided to be Gl•k's minion after his life was saved. He spends all his time in his labs. He is mean but very serious and seems to enjoy Gl•k's pain. He is also extremely mysterious and loves to do dangerous experiments. When GL•k first found him he seemed really nice and cute but he seems more creepy and evil. Not very cute anymore...

Deef. Deef is Dib's cousin. He is my second main OC. He is Gl•k's nemeses and also hates almost every other Irken. but unlike Dib he doesn't tell people that he thinks Gl•k is an alien. He is very serious and great at stopping Gl•k. He is a Genious and uses Irken technology for his many inventions. I guess it is kinda Gary-stu-ish of me to make an important OC the cousin of a main character but I really wanted to make something sorta like Dib in appearance (not in personality at all though) Also he has a huge and slighty obvious crush on Alyssa (Gar's human OC) Except he would never tell anyone and doesn't know that Alyssa likes him too. Alyssa is also his best friend. He carries his laptop/mini generator on his back sorta like a backpack. One of his main uses of it I that he can press a button that makes wires come from his backpack and cover his hand eventually forming a metal hand that's five times as strong as his normal hand and can electrocute people. He's really strong even without the mecha hand thing and stuff. He loves science. He is very confident and likes to sleep in class because he doesn't learn anything important or anything at all there anyway. He is very nice when he isn't talking to Irkens or people he hates. He barely has any friends. His best friend is Alyssa. He knows a lot about the Irken race. *almost as much as me. Which is scary because I know almost everything about it* His worst enemies are GL•k, Gar, and Melissa (Jir's OC) he can be very sarcastic. He has a red shirt with an orange face (just like Dib's only his is a smiley face) He has Dib hair only the pointy part is facing the other dirrection and isnt really as long, Also his haigood more normal and Isnt only on the top of his head. He wears black gloves (different than Irken gloves) and black boots (which are more square like Proffesor Membranes) he wears jeans. Which are pretty normal... His birthday is September 22. Uh...I can't think of anything else to put right now but I'm sure I'll think of things eventually. And if anyone actually read this you get a doughnut. He might of eaten half of it.

Prem. Prem is Gl•k's creation and he calls her his sister. She was made in Gl•k's lab with Gar, Gl•k and other DNA. She is in love with cheese. Her eyes are pink like Zim's but only way lighter. She doesn't talk much. (only on rare ocations) She is smarter than GL•k. And very nice.

Glam. Glam is my female Irken. She loves no one and was an invader. She already conquered her planet, Dwert. Her eyes are much like Sizz-Lorr's. She is very serious. She thinks she is really beautiful cares a lot about her looks. She was sent to search the galexy to find and eliminate GL•k. She located him on Earth and has lost her communications with the tallest thanks to GL•k. She obviously hates GL•k. She is very selfish, vain, ignorant, and has very bad socail skills.

Flan.Flan is kinda dumb....He is a mighty soldier but not an invader. He is usually wherever the tallests have conventions and stuff. (like the great assighning and the organic sweep of Blortch) he loves to travel and hates GL•k. *he only knows about him from newspapers and stuff* he is very loyal to the Tallest and courageous. I only made him an official OC because I liked how he looked.

Floopta: Floopta is a scientist who is also Rit's assistant. He is aware of Rit's attack on Klenk but doesn't it matter do him. He is very serious and mean. He is an expert at creating things

(scar's OCs)

Scar.Scar is very serious. His best freind is Gl•k. He has an addiction to salt. The tallests were giving him his planet when he asked if he could have the secret planet. The tallest were joking and said sure and he left before thay told him his real planet. He is very nice and averagely smart but hates humans.

Scrave.Scrave is Scar's little brother created by him. He's one of the only things that make him happy. Happy is one thing he always is.

Glitch.Glitch was one Rit's attempts to make the ultimate "super irken" but horribly failed when he tried to kill him. He is one of Gl•k's enemy's when Gl•k was a kid. He was a wanted Irken and was finally captured BY GL•K!!!! His PAK was re-programmed and memory erased. His PAK was givin to Scar but Glitch comes back in the form of Anti Scar because he hates him. Rit no longer tries to make "super Irkens".

Klim.Klim is obsessed with Scar. She's very creepy and determinded. She somehow always finds Scar. Not much else to say...

Glim.Glim is one of those strange silent types. He has green eyes. He is convinced he's better than you.

Trimo. Trimo is a serious kinda guy. He has a weird cape thing and markings one is head because he wan't made in the main smeeting place. he was made in someone's lab.

(maximum's OCs)

Fradrick.Fradrick is a Vortion soldier who is part of the Resisty. He loves fries.

Iggah.Iggah is a Fergenston. Maximum's made up species. They are allies of the Irken Empire. They have supplied irk with important technology. Iggah is sneaky and loves to eat food. Like human food. Yeah.







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THATSSSSS a nice computer you got there. it would be a shame if something happened to it.