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Hiya im Lee Bailey. >w< i am a artist/ animator. i work hard on all my flip. i love to Rp if u want 2 rp plz comment on one of my flips. i had an older account but it was reported 2 much so i quit. im back though and cant wait 2 animate more and more. i love making friends, so rping or not chat or whatever.



Name: Lee Bailey

profesion: animation

types of animations i can draw:

  • Wolfs
  • Dragons
  • People
  • Half-breeds

~ I mostly love to make Amvs that reflect on me or inpire me greatly~

Not Single

bio: im nice 2 anyone thats nice back, i get along with anyone i DONT like making friends just cause i can somewhat draw. i hate that. but other than that im a easy 2 please person. i love being outside n enjoying life. i also will be mad if u say stuff about my life u dont know me so dont say it. even tho somtimes i get my depression moments ill be okay thanks to my friends :) thanks everyone. ill like 2 be everyones friend. okay have a nice day.



Im working on theses amvs:

forgivin ()

call me when your sober ()

Moster by meg and dai ()

world so cold ()

how could u? ()

ect ()

<there are way to may right now i get inpired alot>

Rps im working on:

one with my old friend lily ()

and one with my best friend umi ()

Anything to come:

ive had a hard time with stealers i am going to start a thing were i unlock my flips just not the art;um i think ill rant some about that in the future. but for now w/e. bullys on hatena are out of control and out of rage. i do have to thank my fans and friends to get me this far ^-^ thanks u!!!


i always am open 2 new family members. well thats about it. other than a update coming up. tell me if u have any quetions <3


i am alittle bit busy now with i have a boyfriend and my moms sick ill try my best to be online :3 i am trying at the very least ill be not on if my wifis off. but i can get on at school.


i do plan on starting a series again soon i have some ideas but ull just jave 2 wait and see :3 lol tho i am busy alot i will try my best to keep this one going. :D


thank you for viewing have a nice day -Lee Bailey <3


(>owo)> <(0w0)> <(=w=)> <(-w-<) KITTIES XDDD

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Lee Bailey






Aug 5

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