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Mary all i want you to do is to hug me close & never let me go x) My heart iis all yours & only you'res xD

im such a creep !! <3 :D ahaha.

Nelly;just a dream.

<3 that song!!!

The new Legend will rise...

Nothing Else matters because all i need is you<3”

Metallica Rocks.

Listen to: Set fire to the rain by:Adele <3 this song 2!!

Listen to these rappers; Eminem,Slaughter house(rap group),drake,fort minor,soulja boy, etc. they're beast trust me!! :P

Haley's a awsome!!! :D luv chu bestie.

i play guitar :P

i can defend myself im not afraid to come at me bro!!?? xD

I have trust issu3s

Tropic thund3r is the best movie ever!!! :P

You never know what you have till you lose it” :/

Grow up ppl i dont like it when you guys act imature Rofl. no joke o.O