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It's Lalaine...

you should get know me.

I'm pretty amazing in my opinion.

But whatever you think is up to you.

I like guys with butts. It's so hot. Eddie Miller's is the best. And he's cute. But not as cute as Bronson. The bass player in the band Cities Under Fire. They're all cute really, but Bronson is the closest to my age and he isn't married. And he's amazing <3

Um so yeah. I'm a girl, in case it wasn't ovbious enough for you. I'm 12. Young. Uhhh... I'm single but Bronson has my heart <3 I like unicorns <∞:D I LOVE LOVE LOVE MUSIC. ALL KINDS OF IT, BUT MOSTLY ROCK AND HEAVY METAL AND STUFF LIKE THAT. My favorite band is Cities Under Fire. Not only because they are all awesome and cause of Bronson, but they also have amazing music. So go check them out. Youtube, Facebook, Itunes, anything. Just listen to them. I also like sports. And animals. My favorite one is a liger. I tried writing a report on them in science but the substitute teacher said they weren't real. But they are. I also like reading. Even though I have dyslexia, I love to read. But it takes me a little longer than most people. But I still like to. If you haven't, you should so totally read these books:

  • Where the Red Fern Grows
  • Fallen
  • Maximum Ride Series
  • Harry Potter Series
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Horsefeathers

Yeah. I play the tuba, the flute, the drums, and a little guitar. I also like singing. But I honestly have no idea if I'm bad at it or not. The only person that has given their opinion on it is my youth pastor Jordan. He's cool. But he's.. um... different. Like how they say that you're are their friend and they care about you is through teasing/insulting you. Mallee does the same thing. But they are both awesome. I'm a Christian. I'm straight, but I don't judge people if they aren't straight. Uh yeah. That's a lot. Add me on facebook if you want, but if you do don't be a stranger. My name on there is Lalaine Leframboise. And my email is So yeah. Bye