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Hey! The names MusicWing. Or you can call me Ella.Just Ella. I LOVE to draw!!! ;) I wanna be an animator when I grow up! ( ya. cool story bro)

I love to make people happy even if I'm down or hurt! To the FR's, stealers, and haters: um. I don't disrespect you even if you report me or give me hatefull comments. I don't want the fame, I just love seeing people watching my flips and giving good comments. I'm just a 12 year old girl and I don't have my enemies. But FR's,haters, and stealers, I know you can achieve in doing something like drawing. I't doesn't matter if you stink in drawing, people wanna see you improve!:)That's what counts! If you want the fame, that's ok! Just improve! Draw! Have FUN!:DDDDDD