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hey everyone

Im <3 India <3 and if you are reading this then you are randomly looking at some on from hantena im one of the famous creators (or not :D) hopefully one day or your a fan :D if you are randomly looking at my page then you will probably only want to know what kind of creator I am a manga Drawer, Music video maker,I make tutorials such as cooking, drawing, games (BTW if U want a tutorial on games tell me which one U want and ill make it (if I have the game that is)) that includes internet games as well ( not games that you can buy for the Pc or mac). I also make series oh and game cheats and quizzes :D

right now I'm making Fox Vs Wolf (Series) A Colouring competition 1st prize is 1000 stars :D and also some Manga art :D

thx for coming to my creators room and I hope you enjoy my Flipnotes