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tht guy who reports my comms......u r a @ss-fu*** d!ck-sucker! your mother sh@t u out!

I´m german and 16 years old and I like F-ZERO (have ALL titles),Team Fortress 2, Garry´s Mod,TrackMania(Original,Sunrise,United Forever,DS,Canyon), super mario, SPLIT/SECOND,Blur and pokemon [at all Lugia]^^

i see that someone reported me..............FALSE REPORTERS ARE little, @ss-f***ing B@ST@RDS!

and by the way....what i write in MY flips is MY thing ok?

Best Rank: 30

My Goals:

Get stars from every continent: X

10.000 Stars: CLEAR

50.000 Stars: X

100.000 Stars: X

1 fan: CLEAR

5 fans: CLEAR

10 fans: CLEAR

20 fans: CLEAR

30 fans: CLEAR

40 fans: CLEAR

50 fans: CLEAR

60 fans: CLEAR

70 fans: CLEAR

80 fans: CLEAR

90 fans: CLEAR

100 fans: CLEAR

100+ fans: CLEAR

Channel goals:

1 fave : CLEAR

over 10 faves: X

50 flipnotes: CLEAR

over 500 flipnotes: X