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If your reading this profile thing mc gigery then you must be very exteremly bored. and welcome to BlackRoses place where you will find more than the average rock can. Dont ask i just felt bored as well as you do. Oh let me tell you 'bout me.


age: this is no facebook .3. my birthday is may 29 1998 you figure it out.

name: just call me Mar

fave creators: sooooooo hard to choose =U=

fave show: MythBusters

fave movie: Nightmare Before Christmas and any other Tim Burton movie. =U=

fave cartoon: Wayside

fave anime: Soul Eater

fave book: Skulduggery Pleasant


so know you know that stuff let me say something. Nobody is doing anything about making Skulduggery flips besides me. SO plz read the book, tell me the awsomeness, and then make flips of it. Plus The skulduggery pleasant series animated is taking a while so be paitent. -3-

So i guess thats it. Hope you didnt die of the bordness.