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Current user name: Brain Spazzum(BrainSpasm)

creator type: Stick Fights, occasional pictures and animations.

gender: male

status: singuuuuuuuuuul

First fan: David (flipnote thief)

Profile: Brain Spazzum is a humorous (in his opinion), light hearted creator who dedicates himself to making honest, origional, non-starbegging, non-stolen flipnotes and cleaning up hatena. He looks up to ShinyEevee, Guapers, fred, and Boss, and one day hopes to be as well known as them. He dislikes, or, in his own words, hates jusrin bieber. He considers ifreddie as his first real fan, although it can never make up for having his first fan as a flipnote theif.

currently on break, will not be back till august.