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Ok, well heres a bit about me:

~my flipnotes are about wolves (and other canines) and I used to make flipnotes about horses but my horse drawings are kinda bad, so yeah...

~I am from Britain (go UK!!! XD!)

~one of my channels has got over 800 flips, thankyou!

~when I last counted I had over 20 wolf/dog characters which I will type about later on... (no stealing any of my characters!!!!! you will regret it)

~I do not give away personal information, this is against the terms of use, and you can be reported for it, so sorry if you wanted to know more about me :(

~my brother is also on hatena (jonny, id: donay) he is awesome and has some great flips so please check them out!

The next part is not really about me, but I would really apperciate it if you read it.

first of all, sometimes on my more popular flipnotes I get really mean comments (probably from jeolous little kids or something) If you are one of these people

then you will find that either:

~your comment is reported

~you are blocked for good

I do not put up with these kinds of comments, if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all. If I catch you putting comments like that on my flipnotes there will be no warning before I take action.

secondly, but more importantly: copyers, art stealers and character stealers.

If I see that any of my flipnotes have been copyed (B.T.W, spin offs are fine, as long as they have been significantly changed from my original flip or you have made it in your own style) IF I CATCH YOU COPYING ANY OF MY FLIPNOTES YOU WILL BE REPORTED FOR SPIN OFF ABUSE! many people don't know this but at least once a week I check all my unlocked flipnotes for copys, that way I make sure copyers DO NOT get away with stealing.


I have a special way with dealing with art and character stealers, and believe me if you use any of my art without permission (unless its for shout out flips or tributes, etc, then its absolutely fine with me, in fact its really nice to know people appreciate my art :D) then you will seriously regret it. Anyway, I now have copyrights for almost all my characters so I SERIOUSLY suggest you don't steal any of them.

collabs: I am doing a lot of collabs with some AMAZING creators so thankyou!

My characters:

Adult wolves of Blackout and Tigers pack:

~Blackout: he is the alpha male of the pack, and my main character. He has a black patch over one side of his face and a black lightning bolt shape on his side.he is Tigers mate.

~Tiger: she is the alpha female of the pack and is brown with a white lightning bolt shape on her side. she has one cub, scout. she is Blackouts mate.

~Lightning: he is the beta male of the pack, and is Blackouts brother. he is black and has a white lightning bolt shape down his side and white lightning bolt shapes on his front legs. he is well known for being the trouble maker of the pack.he also has a scar on his left eye. he is Alkatraz's mate.

~Alkatraz: she is the beta female and has two cubs (Kansas and Vortex) she is white with a grey lightning bolt shape on her side (seeing a reacurring patern?) and grey markings on her face. she is a fantastic fighter, she is Lightnings mate and is named after a famous prison.

~Blackstorm: he is a black and white wolf with similar markings to a border collie dog only more wolfish (is that even a word? XD) his back paws are completely black. he is also Fenix's brother.

~Fenix: he also has similar markings to Blackstorm only with white back paws. he is missing his left eye, and is Blackstorms brother.

~Tornadoe: she is a brown wolf with a lighter colored muzzle. she is Fenix's mate and is a very good hunter.

~Buck: he is a wolf/dog ( half akita dog)hybrid and is a great friend of Blackout. he is grey and white and has two scars on his muzzle. he often wears a red collar and is a great fan of extreme weather, he is the brains of the group.

~Saturn: he is a light grey and white siberian husky who was accepted into the wolf pack for being a great friend of the alpha's. some of the other wolves don't get on with him that well because he used to be a sled-dog.

~Apollo: he is a german shepherd/wolf hybrid. he escaped from captivity to become a valued member of the pack. he is mostly brown and black with a bit of white. he also has 6 cubs (Bugsy, Banksi, Gin, Fox, Leopard and Jess) with a wolf from a different pack.

~Hyena: he is a white wolf with hyena-like spots. he is friends with Cinderclaw who dousn't normally talk much. he is a kind wolf and will be frendly to almost anyone.

~Cinderclaw: she is a black wolf with a white patch on her neck and tail. she is very quiet but can be a great fighter when she wants to be. she is a good friend of Hyena's.

~Bryn: he is a black, brown and white wolf who is still learning to fight and hunt with Blackout and Tiger he is also quite quiet but is expected to be a good fighter.

~Olan: she is a half blood demon. she has the power to shape shift into a cat or a horse(not much use when your fighting Akla!) she normally tries to stay in the form of a wolf (even though her muzzle and ears appear a lot longer and thinner) she is Akla's half sister and was tacken in by the pack when she refused to k1ll scout (blackout and tigers cub) under Akla's orders to destroy all wolves. she really wants to do good for the pack and have a family that dousn't want to eliminate all wolves. she is blackstorm's girl friend, but a lot of the pack are wary of her because she is a relative of Akla's.

~Gryff: he is a doberman dog who was found by the pack chained to a fence. He has a strange lightning bolt on his face. he got it when a nuclear reactor went into melt down and caused him and blackout, lightning, tiger and alkatraz to gain the power of electricity although they did not know him when this happened, they met him by chance when they found him chained to a fence in a snowy city. he does not understand his powers or why he got them yet.

~Cobalt: she is a grey and black wolf who was found on her own hunting in the pack's territory. she was adopted into the pack on the condition she was not a spy for Akla.

Cubs and young wolves (not much to say about them yet, but there will be when they are older!

~Scout (male)

~Banksi (male)

~Gin (male)

~Bugsy (male)

~Andru (male)

~Foxx (female)


~Vortex (female)

~Leopard (female)

evil wolves

~Akla: she is the leader of the darkwolf army and is Blackout and Tigers worst enemy. she is brutal and unforgiving and wants to rule all wolves.

~Sabretooth: he follows Akla and obeys her every order. he is also brutal and unforgiving.

~Bloodbath: another of Aklas deputys he is almost as evil as her and has a bad side and a even darker side.

I am currently working on my halloween flip. the song is Pain, by three days grace

OK, so thats about all, thankyou for reading!